The Challenge

An established, independent photographer came to us looking to re-create her brand from the ground up. Name, logo, website, branding materials – everything was on the table. As a wedding photographer, she needed a name that was whimsical but professional, a logo that was modern with hints of classic elegance, and a website that put her amazing work front and center.

The Solution

It all starts with a name.  The client’s name, in fact. After trying many different combinations of words (in English and other languages), the simple, alliterative, and rhythmic won out. From there, we drew on influences from the Art Deco era of design and photography to create something clean, modern, and beautiful.

Completely Re-imagined

New Name, New Look

Fundamentally Rebuilt

Photography First

Great Impressions


Beautiful Photos, Front & Center.


Opening A Storybook

Letting clients put themselves into the story


Visuals That Inspire

Featured galleries that prompt new vision in a familiar medium

First Impressions to Last Impressions

An experience that keeps clients smiling from the first time they see the 3D business cards to delivery of their final prints.

Elegant, Modern, Awesome.


In an industry cluttered with over-wrought whimsy, we wanted our client’s particular brand of honest creativity to shine through. The care that she puts into her craft had to be evident from the first time a potential client saw a business card or clicked an ad.

Check out the finished product.

Live Project

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