The Challenge

This was close to home. Since 2009, Melissa had been creating inventive wedding invitations under the moniker One Little M, but it was time to change. We weren’t so little, and there was more than one of us – plus, let’s face it, “onelittlem” is kind of a mouthful to say, and it’s not exactly easy to spell when you hear it. It was time for something new.

The Solution

We wanted a name and a logo that would communicate elegance with a touch of whimsy without locking us into the wedding market. Invitations will always be a core part of the business, but we wanted to keep the door open to more stationery and other paper creations.

It's The Little Things

Complete Rebranding

Website Redesign

Beautiful Photography

Ready For Growth

Mobile First. Beautiful Anywhere.

Meeting our Customers Where They Are

The #1 operating system used by visitors to our site? Android.


Design That Translates

A single site for phone, tablet, and desktop requires a design process that’s a crucible, burning away unnecessary elements until only the most important elements remain.

User Experience That's More Than Code

Selling a physical product in a digital space means lots of photography. We wanted the products front and center, beautifully shot and presented.

  • Mobile Visitors 65%
  • Increase In Traffic 50%
  • Increase in Engagements 75%

Our Hardest Client

Going in, we wanted a name and an identity that could support a growing, thriving business with a website that could handle the unique way we served our customers. In some ways, it was like starting over. If doctors make the worst patients, then we were our own hardest client.

The end result has been a huge success for us.

Live Project

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