The Challenge

SS Wedding Designs is a perfect example of a small business looking to take the next step. Having built the beginnings of a successful business from the ground up, they came to us needing a whole new logo, branding, and web presence that would break them out of the template-based mold and establish a new look and feel for their brand.

The Solution

We combined warm colors and natural elements accented with beautiful photography from the client’s events to create a simple website that didn’t sacrifice elegance for budget. Understanding the unique needs of a florist was key in creating a project that served those needs without over-complicating the experience for their potential customers.

Flowers That Speak For Themselves

New Logo

Portfolio Site

Vendor Networking

Gorgeous Photography

Small Business. Serious Business.

Clean, Unique, Professional

Logo and branding materials that evoke elegance without clutter

Customer-Focused Simplicity

With a million details to plan, brides make decisions quickly

Ready To Grow

Giving the client the tools to grow at their own pace

Taking the Next Step


Small businesses are always close to our heart – after all, we’re a small business. Helping another small business take the next step from template-based branding materials and websites into a cohesive brand that is entirely their own is always something special. We love it!

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